1 & 2 March 2024

Festival shuttles

Let's just be sensible here folks, don't drink and drive. Please view the below shuttle schedule, please note that this service is 3rd party to Clarens Craft Beer Festival.

Maluti tours shuttle options

For local shuttles, Golden Gate & Bethlehem please contact during business hours : -

Neels 0823291629

Michelle 0834074748

or email

Clarens Beer fest Shuttle Services from Fouriesburg to Clarens Due to problems in the past, we have decided to clarify certain issues.
All the Shuttle drivers have valid papers and registered vehicles and only the best drivers have been selected.
NO drivers are allowed to take any form of bribes and definitely no Liquor
These Drivers know that they are not allowed to have any liquor while on duty. (If you suspect that the driver has been drinking please contact us to make alternative arrangements.)
Shuttles take 14 persons at a time and will only leave when full. There is only one shuttle that takes 21 passengers if your group is more than 14 please ask for the bigger shuttle or your group will be split up.
If you have booked a specific time bear in mind that we collect clients from various guest houses and that we cannot guarantee to be there at the exact time the booking was made for.
The last Shuttle will leave at 24h00 and no later
First Shuttle will leave @ 08h00
2nd Shuttle will leave @10h00
3rd Shuttle will leave @12h00

4th Shuttle will leave @ 14h00 you can also return with this Shuttle @ 15h00
First Shuttle to Return leaving Clarens
1st Shuttle will return @ 16h00
2nd Shuttle will return @ 18h00
3rd Shuttle will return @ 20h00
4th Shuttle will return @ 22h00
5th Shuttle will return @ 24h00
The Driver will wait 15 minutes before leaving.
Shuttles will only run on these times. If you miss the bus you will have to wait for the next one, and there will be no additional pick-ups after the last one.
Tickets are CASH only NO card sales.
One-way tickets are sold at R110.00 pp.
Return pick -ups in town / farms are R190.00 pp.
We will do Farm pickups provided that the Shuttle is full (14 persons a minimum of 10 persons will be accepted.) and the pickups must be in the same direction. @ R190.00 return trip. We have sufficient parking for vehicles at Jenlee's if you choose to leave from Jenlee's. We do have 24h security.
Bookings must be made in advance at Jenlee via phone or email, Liz 084 512 5030 or Tickets to be collected at the Shop or we will email them if payment is made via EFT. No person will be allowed to get on the Shuttle without tickets.
Tickets can be paid by EFT into account Thyme Bank E. Lee Account 5101 2496620 Branch 678910 (send proof of payment via email to Jenlees at - tickets will be emailed to customer use your name as reference
JenLee's cannot held responsible for anything that can go wrong on your trip. It is your choice to use this service.

Enquiries phone Liz 084 512 5030

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