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This is the most expansive and diverse list of breweries we have ever had the pleasure of bringing you at the Clarens Craft Beer Festival. There will be beers you know, there will be more you don't. Most of these you will never find on a shelve anywhere near you and over 30 of them were brewed exclusively for this festival. Enjoy them folks!

How does it work?

All brews marked with an asterisk symbol are speciality brews unique to the festival, each brewer is permitted 8 taps. Expect to find one or two hidden gems not on the list at the stands as these may have been December specials which were saved for the show. Feel free to have a chat with the brewer at the stand, samples are given at the brewers discretion.

2023 award winners

1000 Hills Brewing Co. - Voted "Beer of the year" in 2023
Afro Caribbean - Gold & Silver medalist in the South African National Beer Trophy
Stump Nose - Best in Show 2023
That Brewing Co. - Multi Silver medals in the South African National Beer Trophy
Hazeldean Brewing Co. - Gold medalist in the South African National Beer Trophy
Cape Brewing Co. - Multi award winner in the South African National Beer Trophy
Clockwork Brewhouse - Multiple silver medals in South African National Beer Trophy

2024 Participating Breweries

Meet the brewers face to face, go on a tasting adventure with them and enjoy the charm of Clarens.
Brew KEY :-
All specialty brews marked with * are in limited supply, brewed only for the festival
IPA : India Pale Ale
IIPA : Double IPA
NEPA : New England Pale Ale
NEIPA : New England India Pale Ale
APA : American Pale Ale

It is Devils Peak as many have never seen them before, bringing you their Afro Funk range of brews which are seldomly available to the public
Western Cape

King's Blockhouse IPA
Juicy Lucy Hazy IPA
Afrofunk Limited Edition Release
Lambic Style beer (More details to follow)

Stump Nose Brewery

Winner of "Best in Show 2023"

Boer soek a vrou pale ale
Duck duck goose IPA
Battle cat stout
Boom shaka lager

* Forget the Naarwhal Brut IPA 6,2% ABV

Standeaven Brewing Co.

Durban craft lager
Watermelon lager
African pale ale
Best black gold
Unconventional weiss
Rascal ginger beer

* Chili pumpkin beer
* Pumpkin beer

Long Beach Brewing.

Lifestyle beers at their best fresh from the Western Cape

Gatling Nun Pils 5.5%
Gatekeeper TIPA 13% ABV
Heart of Dankness 6.8% ABV co-lab with Spïnal Tap
Tripel Trubel Tripel 9% ABV - Gold Medal Africa Beer cup
Dubel Trubel Dubel 7.6% ABV Bronze medal Africa beer cup
Dancing Juice IPA 6.6% ABV
Working for the Man Dipa 7.4% ABV
Purple haze NEIPA 5.8%
Granadilla Sour IPA (rotational tap)

* Scorched Earth Imperial IPA 10% ABV, Matured in a bourbon oak barrel

Mad Giant Brewery

Multiple award winning brews.

Extra Fresh lager
3PM - lite IPA
True Grit - american amber
Urban Legend - IPA
Jozi sunset IIPA

* Pressed lemon shandy
* Mad viking 9% baltic porter (very ltd)
* Cherry raddler


Masters of mahem and always the best vibe at every show.

Weekend special
Lemongrass white IPA 6,5%
Limpopo lager
Smoked up festival beer. A smokey lager - to melow fokkol
5% Kaalgat - naked ale. A south african pale ale. one or two might make you go streaking

* Festival surprise

Clockwork Brewhouse

Zesty lager
Elderflower golden ale
Schwarzbier dark lager
Peanut butter porter
Ginger snap brown ale 5,8% ABV
Juicy IPA
Granadilla-plum electrolyte sour

* For whom the bell tolls imperial stout 8% ABV

Eversons Cider

The freshest ciders this beautiful country has to offer.
From the beautiful Elgin valley, Western Cape

Original Apple Cider
Cloudy Apple Cider
Pomegranate & blueberry Cider
Mulled Cider (Christmas in i glass)
Original apple non-alcoholic

* IP Apple

Hazeldean Brewing Co.

Seriously big & seriously good brews!

Vienna Lager
Premium Pilsner
Milkyway Milkstout
Ayrshire Pale Ale

* Coal Coast IPA (ABV 6.5%)
Citra Splash Lemon Shandy
Simmertaller Red Ale
Sandra’s Saison (ABV 6%)
Black IPA 6% ABV

That Brewing Co.

The gold coasts best brews from master brewer Paul THP.

That Red - Irish Red Ale Nitro Pour
That Blonde
That APA - America Pale Ale
That Black - Nitro Pour Stout
That Good Adweiss - German Wheat Beer
Vesskiss IPA - American West Coast IPA
EL Juicy - New England IPA
That Penis enlarger

* Hoppy ending IPA 5,5% ABV.

Copperlake Brewing Co.

Simply delicious brews from South Africa's most highly qualified brewer.

Dark lager
Find lost lover lager
Heffe Weiss
Irish red ale
American IPA
Stary eyed blonde

* Rauch bier (beach smoked lager)

Afro Caribbean

Hopsessional brews, there are not many awards that this team has not won for their mind blowingly good brews.

The life of Cam - Coffee milk stout nitro 6,5% ABV
Hazey DIPA, collab with Soul Barrel 8% ABV
Dragonberry sour
Slow the sun, dry hoped Pilsner
Jungle paradise
Coconut IPA

* American wheat ale

Agars brewery

Pure class in a glass.

Jozi Blonde
Tomahawk IPA 7% ABV (has a kick)
Warrior IIPA 8% (has a bigger kick)
Red Ale
Black Mamba Stout
Wild Berry Ale
Journeyman Lager
English Ale
Pomegranate & hibiscus cider

* Coffee blonde

Tolokazi Craft Beer

Craft brewing royalty.

Sorghum Pilsner
African Pale Ale
Rooibos & Berry Cider
Marula Cider

* Rooibos saison

Clarens Brewery

Home town legends.

Clarens IPA 6,4% ABV
Clarens Blonde Ale
Tondon Pilsner
Strawberry & Lime Cider
Cherry Cider

Specialty brew – The Cauldron CBD IPA

* Citrus Haze IPA

Nottingham Road Brewery

Brewing some of SA's best since 1996.
KZN- Midlands

Tiddly Toad Lager
Whistling Weasel Pale Ale
Pye-Eyed Possum Pilsner
Pickled Pig Porter
Ginger Ninja Pale Ale
Capuchino Porter

* Chili Amber Ale

1000 Hills Brewing Company

A world of flavor coming out of 1000 Hills Chef's school.

The Dean – Pilsner
Professor Steam – Cali-common
The Cheerleader – Amber Ale
The FES – our award winning dark, strong, Belgium Ale that was judged as best beer in SA in SANBT 2023! – A massive 9% ABV

* The Specialty Beer chosen for us was Grapefruit IPA – we are aiming it as a 5,5% ABV, crammed full of ruby grapefruit zest and a healthy amount of citrusy hops.

Robsons Real Beer

KZN legends of the game.

Hammer of Thor
Cherry Beer
Skhokho Lager
Durban Pale Ale

* Upright iron monkey 5,9% ABV

Soul Barrel Brewing Co.

Seriously big brews from a true master of his craft. This is small batch brewing at it's best.

Tropical Parade IPA
Cape Cone IPA
Pale Farm - Wheat Pale Ale
SA Lager
Live Culture
Baltic Porter
Noble Leaf - Vienna Lager

East-End Brewery

First timers to Clarens Beer Fest. Let's give a warm welcome to the team from Bloemfontein, Freestate

Free State Lager
Cheetah Gold Lager
Pumpkin Ale
Session Pale Ale
Pecan Nut Caramel Stout
Cranberry & Cherry Cider
Lemon Verbena Radler
Gariep Blonde

* Red eastern beast 6% ABV

OC Brewery

A go big or go home kind of brewery, big, loud, delicious and bold brews.

Larger Lager
Valkyrie Pilsner
Dictator IPA
Gunslinger Nitro Stout
Berry Cider

* Yeti 18 - 8% Imperial red ale

Route 96 Brewery

Proof that cool things happen in Potchefstroom.
North West

Africa pilsner
Swartkat lager
Red ale

* Summer blonde

Anvil Brewery

A Dullstroom favorite that explodes with flavor.

Pale Ale
Black Anvil
White Anvil
Mjolnir (IPA)

* Imperial stout

Cape Brewing Company

South African legends, bringing you their expressive range in 2024.
Western Cape

CBC Krystal-Raspberry Weiss
CBC Pale Ale
Rekorderlig Cider

* Trueman Bold

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