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2024 participating brews : -

This menu is made up of beers from 2023 and will see additional beers added to the menu in the run up to the show. These will include the festival specials which will only be announced around November 2023.

How does it work?

All brews marked with an asterisk symbol are speciality brews unique to the festival, each brewer is permitted 8 taps. Expect to find one or two hidden gems not on the list at the stands as these may have been December specials which were saved for the show. Feel free to have a chat with the brewer at the stand, samples are given at the brewers discretion.

2023 award winners

Richmond Hill - Voted best beer in Africa, Barrel Aged Sour
Afro Caribbean - 6 Africa Beer Cup Awards
Stump Nose - Best in Show 2023, Narhwal
Along with 18 other award winning breweries for 2024

Coming soon...

Stump Nose Brewery

Coming soon...

Richmond Hill Brewing
Long Beach Brewing.

Coming soon...

Mad Giant

Killer Hop
3PM Light IPA
Autumn Amber

*Tiramisu Baltic Porter


Limpopo Lager
Mountain Weiss
Morning Ale
Weekend Special

*Kromdraai Killer Witbier


Marzen Lager
Schwarzbier dark lager
English Best Bitter
Elderflower Golden Ale
Peanut Butter Porter
Hibiscus Citrus Sour
Blackberry Sour

*Ginger Snap (Ginger Beer) - made with real ginger bread houses

Eversons Cider

Double Gold Perry Cider
Original Apple Cider
Cloudy Apple Cider
Pomegranate Cider
Blueberry Cider
Sparkling apple non-alcohol

*Old age brandy cast apple cider

Hazeldean Brewing Co.

Vienna Lager
Premium Pale Pilsner
Hazelnut Milkstout
Ayrshire Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)
PiCOWso (Lambic style fruit blend)
Lemon Radler Shandy
Summer Crush (American wheat beer colab with Mad Giant Brewery)

*Brutus Maximus (Brut IPA Festival beer)

That Brewing Co.

That APA (American Pale Ale)
That Blonde
That Good Adweiss
That Irish Red Ale - Nitro Tap
That Black - Nitro Stout
That Alpha Hopper - Galaxy (West Coast IPA)

There is something sticking in my Rye-PA


Premium Lager
Irish Red
Dark Lager
English Ale
Granadilla Sour

*Vanilla stout

Afro Caribbean

Double Jungle Paradise (Double IPA)
La Nina (Mexican Lager)
Coconut Haze (Coconut New England IPA)
Nuggets of Joy (Dry Hopped Lager)
Mixed Berry Ale (Fruited Ale)

*F#$!KRONA Belgian Brown Ale

Agars brewery

Jozi Blonde
Red Ale
Journeyman Lager
Tomohawk IPA
Black Mamba Stout
Wild Berry Ale

*Surfing North Coast Raddler

Tolokazi Craft Beer

African Pale Ale
Rooibos & Berry Cider
Soghum Pilsner
Pineapple Cider
Mango Beer

*Africa Style Belgium Lambic

The Standeaven Brewery

Just Another Ale
African Pale Ale
Best Black Gold Dark Lager
Durban Craft Lager
Watermelon Lager
Rascal Ginger Beer
Oktoberfest Lager

*Cherry Bomb Lager

Nottingham Road Brewery

Tiddly Toad Lager
Pye - Eyed Possum Pilsner
Cappuccino Porter
Whistling Weasel Pale Ale
Tipsy Tiger IPA
Pickled Pig Porter

*Grapefruit Radler

1000 Hills Brewing Company

Graduate IPA
Professor Steam Beer
Cheerleader - Amber Ale
Quarterback APA



Coming soon...

Clarens Brewery

Hazelnut Ale
Brut Mango IPA (Mystery brew)
Granadilla Cider
Cherry Cider
Strawberry & Lime Cider

*Cherry Blonde Ale

Robsons Real Beer

Skhokho Lager
Hammer of Thor
Cherry Beer
Durban Pale Ale

*Orang-utang Ginger Beer

Route 96 Brewery

GT American Pale Ale
Swartkat Lager
Red Ale
African Pilsner
Zamalek Lager

*Summer Blonde

Noon Gun Brewery

Bombardier Light Lager
Smooth Bore Lager
Muzzle Loader Weiss
18-Pounder Session IPA
Gunlock Stout
The General Non-Alc IPA

*Bourbon Barrel Aged Roasted Oat Meal & Barley Stout

OC Brewery

Flaming Valkyrie Pilsner
Headless Huntsman Amber Ale
Dictator IPA
Gunslinger Nitro Stout
Larger Lager
Berry Cider

*Springbok Doppelbok (wait for the twist)

Durban Brewing Co.

Coming soon...

Anvil Ale Brewery


Festival special coming soon...

Assortment of wines
Soft Drinks

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