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When is the Clarens Craft Beer Festival 2022?

We are excited to tell you that we will be back on the 20th and 21st of May 2022. 


Where is all the action happening?

Right in the center of the village on the village square. We do not close off the entire village, just the square and the road between the brewery and Clarens Village. 


Where can I book accommodation?

This festival is notorious for filling up our little village very early in the year. We recommend that you contact Mountain Odyssey or another booking site. As a festival we do not handle any of the accommodation.


How do you get your hands on tickets?

All tickets are sold through this website Clarens Craft Beer Festival and no other. Please be cautious of 3rd party tickets, we cannot verify tickets in a private sale. Heads up though, tickets do sell out fast. This means we will not have any available at the door on the day.


What do you mean by phase 1 tickets?

Phase one tickets are being sold at a limited capacity in line with government regulations, ie. under the current disaster management act we are only selling 2000 per day. If and when the regulations change, then we will release more.


Why do we limit the tickets?

The little village of Clarens has a capacity to it, the smaller square we use has an even smaller capacity. We respect that and peoples space, so we do not overcrowd the festival at all.


What do I get with my ticket?

Your ticket provides you with access to the festival, the bands, the breweries and the foodies. Your ticket also get’s you a glass when you enter. Be sure not to lose your glass, we do not replace them. You will notice once inside the festival that there are massive tents, big bands, a giant crew of humans working, clean toilets and plenty of seating. That all costs a serious amount of money, that is why you pay for your ticket.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Alas no, but the variety of food on offer is fabulous and you won’t want to munch on your marmite sarmie.  And besides the beer and ciders
on offer there will be soft drinks, wine, water and coffee.

Can I bring my own glass

Wouldn’t suggest it… The brewers will serve in the 2022 festival glass only and you will be lumped with carrying your own empty glass around all day long.

What if I break my glass or forget it for day two?

These things do happen, we get it. There will be glasses on sale from the merchandise stand.


How do the tokens work?

The cute little green and orange tokens work like poker chips at a casino. Every one of them has a value and you will be required to purchase them as nobody takes cash at the stands. They are sold at the token stand and can be redeemed for beer, cider or wine by drinker’s ticket holders. They can
be redeemed for food and soft drinks by anyone in the festival. We use tokens because the network in town is not great with this amount of humans, it is the fastest currency to use.

How do I pay for the tokens?

Cash or card, there is an on-site ATM if you need to withdraw.

Why can’t tokens be refunded at the end of the day?

We remove all the cash off-site as soon as possible to ensure your safety, so we don’t actually have cash on-site to buy back.

What are the festival operational times?

Friday 20 May : 11:00 – 19:00 (the gate will close for access or re-entry at 18:00)

Saturday 21 May : 10:00 – 18:00 (the gate will close for access or re-entry at 17:00)

Token sales close one hour prior to the festival.


If I haven’t finished my drink by the end of the day can I take it with me?

What do they speak in Finland? Finish of course… There can be no drinking in the street, your glass must be emptied upon leaving the square.


I have a brewery. Can I come as a brewer?

The Clarens Craft Beer Festival is widely regarded as the connoisseurs festival. Our selection criteria is very strict and there is a waiting list. Drop us a mail and let’s see if it it possible to get you involved.


Are there other stalls than food and drink?

Strictly speaking no. Beer, cider, food, more food and more beer and more cider. Then some wine and some merchandise.


Is there anything to drink besides beer and cider?

We do have a great selection of wine at the village conservancy stand. They also have water and soft drinks available.

Can I bring my kids?

You are more than welcome to, but things have changed just a little due to capacity limits under regulations. 

Children under 3, no charge to access the festival. Any other human is charged the same rate as adults.

Can I bring my dog

We love your furry friends, just a few house rules though. If it poops, you scoop, if it bites then it’s a hard no and please folks keep them on a leash at all times.

Can I bring my own gazebo, chairs and picnic blanket?

Gazebo – That’s a negative ghost rider, the pattern is full! We literally have no more space and it is not signed off.
Umbrella – That’s a negative kemo sabe. Winds do pick up, they do blow off and hit people. 
Chairs – Camping chairs, not the couch from your BnB.

Picnic blanket, yes! 

What else is there to do?

If you really need anything other besides talking, thinking, living, drinking beer and cider, there are great bands, great food, great people.   Or take a small break from the festival and venture into the village of Clarens to experience great galleries, quirky shops, coffee shops, restaurants, mountain biking, trail running, quad biking,
abseiling, paintball, golf, spas, etc.

Will there be shuttles to Fouriesburg, Golden Gate and Bethlehem?

Yes!  We will make sure you don’t have to drink and drive.  The shuttles are independently operated – we will post these links on the website 2 weeks before the festival.


Is smoking allowed?

Yes but in one designated area only. No smoking is allowed in the tents or in public seating areas. This applies for hubblies, mountain grass, giggly twig, vapes and anything else of this nature. 


Covid – 19 questions…

There is no doubt about the damage that Covid-19 did and continues to do to the event industry. We were the 1st to close and last to open, this is why we take it so seriously and the below measures are in place for your safety and continuity of the festival.

– All social distancing best practice

– The use of all government safety guidelines

– Sanitization stations throughout the festival

– Limited attendance numbers

Please do note that the responsibility remains your own to exercise safety measures and social distancing. Please review our the terms and conditions of entry and Covid – 19 here.

So what if they decide to lock us down again or enforce stricter measures?

Our safety team at Event Compliance Solutions do have contingencies in place to operate with lesser numbers, but we do not foresee there being an issue. In fact we do expect an easing of regulations. What we learnt through the December 4th wave is that operations can still proceed without a change in gathering regulations.

What happens to your tickets if we do not operate due to Covid-19?

We have 2 options should the worst happen.

Option 1, your tickets roll over to the next event at no additional fee to you. 

Option 2, you request refund on your tickets, this will carry with it a 15% administration fee. ie. If you paid R100, we pay you back R85. We cannot mitigate this fee as it is paid to service providers in ticket sales when you purchase tickets.

These options will be sent out to you via email and sms.

Will you require a vaccine to attend the festival?

We are bound by laws of the state, at this point in time it is not mandatory but should we be required to enforce a vaccine mandate by the laws of the state then we shall do so. No refunds will be issued should you choose to not attend due to mandates.

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