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To put it simply, anyone can create a fake ticket and sell it across many platforms under a guise. The fake ticket will not work at the gate though, then we are left with the problem and argument at the gate when the ticket was not actually purchased through us in the first place. That is why we have to verify as much as we do. Ticket users will be verified against their purchase, ie. the ticket owner or user group must present their own ticket for access.

When is the Clarens Craft Beer Festival?

The festival will be making it’s return to the 1st & 2nd of March 2024.

Accommodation and tickets are limited, don’t dilly dally around. We would hate for you to go thirsty. 

Where does the festival happen?

The event makes use of the village square, that is smack bang in the middle of the village. All other attractions in the village stay open, the square is just completely closed off to ticket holders only.

Where can I book accommodation?

As a festival, we do not get involved in accommodation logistics. There are ample booking agencies in the village including Airbnb, we do recommend 1st trying Mountain Odyssey. 

Heads up, accommodation does book out early. We recommend that you book your accommodation early. 

There are more than 4500 beds in the village of Clarens alone, then there are ample neighboring guest farms and towns. 

How do I get my hands on tickets?

Tickets are ONLY available through the festival website. We do not support the sale of 3rd party tickets at all and we cannot verify purchases you make from other ticket holders. 

PLEASE NOTE : Tickets are limited and normally sell out 2 months prior to the show. 

Can I bring my own glass?

Wouldn’t suggest it… The brewers will serve in the 2023 festival glass only and you will be lumped with carrying your own empty glass around all day long. Save your energy and focus on the brew. 

What if you lose your glass or leave it at your house?

We have you covered there, you can buy a new festival glass at the merchandise stand.

Are there any other stalls?

Strictly speaking, no. We have beer, food, wine, soft drinks and cider available. 

Clarens is filled with attractions and an incredible variety of shops. We do not want to clash with their offering. 

Can I bring my dog?

We love your little friends, as long as they are friendly and cleaned up after. Please keep your dog on a leash. 

I have a brewery, can I exhibit?

All breweries at the festival have gone through extensive screening to get to the show. We also limit brewery participation, so there is a wait list of breweries wanting to take part in the show. 

Please do send us your deets and let us see how and if we can get you involved in a show. 

Can I bring my own gazebo, chairs and blanket?

Gazebo – That’s a negative ghost rider, the pattern is full! We literally have no more space and it is not signed off.
Umbrella – That’s a negative kemo sabe. Winds do pick up, they do blow off and hit people. 
Chairs – Camping chairs, not the couch from your BnB.

Picnic blanket, yes! 

Refund policy

For ticketed events whereby the ticket is issued digitally, the following refund policy applies : –

– No refunds are provided for with a digital ticket as the merchant has no control over what the purchaser has done with the ticket. 

No refunds will be issued for Covid 19 related withdrawals, the risk of such is for the registrants to manage. Furthermore, the company can not be held liable for any cancellations or postponements due to Government regulations, insurrection, force Majeure or Act of God or State.

(b) – Purchasers and Sellers will not be refunded any service charges or credit card processing fees even in the event of refunded tickets, except as provided for in this Section 5(b).

– The Company will refund service charges for test orders.
– The Company may, in its sole discretion, offer refunds of the service fees for Events that are cancelled if such event payments were processed with a Payment Provider. 
– Sellers must contact the Company directly to request any refund under this Section 5(b). Purchasers must contact Sellers to arrange for refund requests.

What do I get with my ticket?

Ticket holders will receive a festival glass, brew guide and access to the festival and entertainment for the period defined on their ticket. 

Clarens does not own any of the infrastructure for the event. The setup requires the use of suppliers across South Africa.

What do you mean by phased tickets?

Tickets will be sold in phases, this means the earlier you buy the cheaper the tickets will be. This is very much the same way tickets are sold for airlines.

There will be three phases : –

Phase one = Early Bird

Phase two = Standard

Phase three = Late comers

All tickets will provide you with the same experience, just at a different price. 

Why do we limit the tickets?

The festival grounds have limited space, so we can only sell a limited amount of tickets. 

As organizer’s, we commit to not overcrowding the show grounds and we respect your space.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Alas no, but the variety of food on offer is fabulous and you won’t want to much on your marmite sarmie.  Besides the beer and ciders
on offer there will be soft drinks, wine, water and coffee.

There are also vegan options available, from vegan drinks to vegan food. 


What are the festival times?

Friday 24 February : 12:00 – 19:00 (the gate will close for access or re-entry at 18:00)

Saturday 25 May : 10:00 – 19:00 (the gate will close for access or re-entry at 18:00)

Beer sales close one hour prior to the festival closing.

How do I pay for beers & ciders?

You will need the festival currency to purchase any food or beverage. This can be purchased from the stand in the middle of the square. Beers will be around R35 for a full 420ml.

PLEASE NOTE :  There is no cash accepted anywhere on the square. 

Do children have to pay for tickets?

Children are humans too and every humans counts against our capacity limits. Any child over the age of 5 will require a tickets. Children are also counted as humans and we unfortunately do have a limited capacity.

Children between 5 – 18 years of age will require a ticket to the festival as they too make use of the services and infrastructure within.

PLEASE NOTE : Due to the nature of the festival and alcohol consumption – we do not recommend this a place fit for minors. In particular unaccompanied ones.

There are child minding facilities on site which are included in the fee for children. The R200 fee is valid for the entire weekend. 


Is smoking permitted?

Legally – NO! 

But… we realize this is nearly impossible to police so we ask you nicely to :- 

Not smoke in the tents or in public seating areas. This applies for hubblies, mountain grass, giggly twig, vapes and anything else of this nature. 

Are there shuttles?

Yes!  We will make sure you don’t have to drink and drive.  The shuttles are independently operated – we will post these links on the website 2 weeks before the festival.

Are tickets transferrable?

Tickets are not transferrable. This rule is put in place to stop people buying in bulk and reselling for a profit, ie. ticket scalping. 

Furthermore, should a dispute arise around ticket validity, we can only refer back to the name on the ticket as reference.

If your name is not on the ticket or the purchaser is not with you when you present the ticket, you will be denied access. 


How do you know the tickets are real?

How do you know the tickets have not been used?

What if they don’t let you in at the door becuase your name is not on them?

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