Don’t go thirsty – Less than 1500 tickets remain

The lights have been shot out for CCBF 2023 with just under 1500 tickets remaining for the festival. Passion and interest for craft beer is back. There is still long road for many of the brewers to travel in terms of getting back up to pre-covid sales volumes, but a show like Clarens Craft Beer Fest is definitely an injection of resources and media that goes a long way in these efforts.

What tickets remain and what does the phased ticket approach mean if I don’t have tickets yet?

The new phased approach to ticket sales will see the prices of tickets go up as they start to run out. This means the sooner you book the better. Just like an airline model, batches (phases) of tickets are assigned prices, there are 3 batches (phases). At the time of writing this we were nearing the end of phase 2, you can actually see how many tickets are remaining in each phase when you book. The moment we reach that capacity, tickets will go up to the final phase pricing.

If you are still looking for tickets, don’t dilly dally about it. Follow any of the “Book your tickets now” buttons on the page to book tickets for yourself.

Don’t go thirsty.

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