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SA’s best brews since 2011….

Stay tuned for the release of 2024 dates.

We cannot wait to see you again soon:-

 You will not find this collection of beers anywhere else in SA.

Friday : 11:00 – 19:00

Saturday 10:00 – 18:00 

Tickets will now be sold in a phased approach, this means the earlier you book, the cheaper your tickets will be.


About the fest.

Bringing you the countries finest craft brews since 2011
You will not find a collection of beers like this anywhere else in SA.
25 Craft Breweries

Quality assured, screened from all over the country. We bring you the absolute finest selection of craft breweries in SA.

Awesome SA Bands

Visitors can expect a full overhaul of the band lineup. Expect nostalgia and rocking music from some of SA's best artists.

2 Days of magic

Friday from 11:00 - 19:00

Saturday 10:00 - 18:00

Over 140 brews, ciders and more...

There is something there for every taste.

Life just becomes a little better after a couple of brews


Our distinguished breweries

Here in craft beer country, we love our brewers and are excited to call them our friends. We want you to get to know them too, share their passion and enjoy their fantastic ranges.

Below, we introduce you to each one of them ahead of the show.
Clarens Craft Beer Fest
Eben - Mad Giant

Owner and brewer Eben is a brewer with a cycling problem or the other way around. The fact that he rides road bikes can be forgiven by his outstanding brews. If you are looking for something consistently mind blowing, then this is the place to go.

Luca - Zwakala

The heart behind the broth - The indomitable Luca Tooley.

Almost always the biggest personality behind any stand and also probably the most entertaining stand to visit. Their beers match their gees, with fresh flavorful goodness from up north.

Clarens Craft Beer Fest
Megan - Clockworks

Undercover genius. We love chicks that brew and Megan is simply one of the best in the business when it comes to brewing. We recommend you give her Peanut Porter a try.

Clarens Craft Beer Fest
William - Eversons Cider

His cider house rules

Niall - Richmond Hill Brewing Co.

Owner and brewer, Niall beers always pack a punch. His fresh creative outlook keeps means there is always something inventive going on behind the taps. Richmond Hill is also our only Eastern Cape Brewer this year.

Paul - That Brewing Co.

Owner and brewer Serious about brew and also the king of nitro beer. Try out his irish red for yourself.

Brendan - Copperlake

Owner, brewer & part time model Bren gave up a lucrative career in modelling for pursuit of his true love and happiness. Creating the perfect brew. Bren is also probably the highest qualified brewer in the country.

Greg - Afro Caribbean

Owner, brewer (mostly sometimes) Yes, that's Greg. He knows a thing or two about brewing amazing beers and living his best life while doing it.

Agars brewery - it's a family brew

A true micro-brewery with some of the best beers in the country.

Family run and always ready to welcome you back for another and another. Their Warrior IPA is consistently in our top 5 for SA brews.

Apiwe - Tolokazi Beer

Get ready to meet South African brewing royalty!

There are not many places Apiwe has not brewed and not many brewers she has not inspired with her incredible talent and love for what she does. Her Tolakazi will certainly have you revisiting her stand for more.

Shaun - Standeaven Brewery

Easily one of KZN's finest brewers, the heart and soul behind the Shongweni Market.

Nottinham Road Brewery
Jason - Nottingham Road Brewery

Jason has recently taken over the role of lead brewer at Notties from John. His brewing skills are well documented and sought after across the country after.

Trevor - 1000 Hills Brewing Company

The bar is set pretty high here as this brewery is set and based in the legendary 1000 Hills Chef School, the bar is set

Larry - Loxtonia Cider

It is simply delicious! Some of the best cider this beautiful country has to offer. A range of freshly pressed apple ciders made with hand-picked apples from the Ceres Valley

Brett - Clarens Brewery

The hometown brewery for the Clarens Craft Beer Festival. The responsibility of brewing has recently been bestowed upon Brett from the founder Stefan Meyer.

Donn - Robsons Real Beer

Now Donn at the bar is a friend of ours... You know how the song goes. Robsons has been brewing their fantastic range in KZN since 2006, that kind of brewing vintage is rare in South Africa. They were 1st to pioneer the cherry beer and are famous for their Hammer of Thor.

Monia - Route 96 Brewery

Our only North West brewery and wow do they make their province proud. Set in the growing town of Potchefstroom, Route 96 delivers clean, crisp and well brewed beers across the board.

Frasier - Folk & Goode Brewing Company

Say hello to our new little friends, well not so little. This will be the 1st time that Folk & Goode Brewing Company will be joining us at Clarens. Let's give them the best welcome by drinking all their beers.

Gavin - OC Brewery

Another newbie to out show, let's welcome Gav and the team from the OC brewery from Kya Sands in Johannesburg. Gav's pedigree speaks volumes as he lends his brewery and brewing capabilities to so many other breweries across Johannesburg.

Ronald - Lions River Craft Brewery

Based in the Natal Midlands along Lions River, Ronald and his team bring you some of the best hand crafted brew around. Maybe it is inspired by their incredible setting or maybe it's just their brewing passion. Either way, it is hard to go wrong with any beers in their range, mostly brewed for cooler climates, so it may suite the festival well.


Food Stalls

Baha Taco

Porra’s Pregos

The Prawnery

Griekse Boertjie

Protea Hotel

Bez’t Catering

Noah’s Cheese

Maddison Bakery

Just Morocco

The Filthy Moustache

Begks Smoked Food

Bez’t potjie


liters of beer & cider


years of rocking festivals


thirsts quenched every year


rocking bands


A little bit more...

Clarens has a world of beauty to offer you, here is a little more about the fest. and the village...

Quality Cuisine

Hydration is important, but good food is paramount. In the interest of that, we include a massive range of mouth watering food options to keep you fuelled.

Clarens Craft Beer Fest

Explore Clarens

Clarens has been voted in the top ten small towns to visit in SA for over 10 years running. Head out, explore the mountains or take in the art and culture of the beautiful village. 

Clarens Craft Beer Fest

Bands that make em dance

Click a little hoof to some of SA’s top performing bands.

Clarens Craft Beer Fest

Arrive thirsty

Tickets do sell-out prior to the show, that gives you plenty of time to build up a thirst for SA’s most loved craft beer festival.


Bands that make em dance...


Band times

Friyay 24 Febrewary

13:00 Bird & Bear

14:30 Rudo Schwim

15:30 Jaryd Smith

17:30 Shortstraw

*Please note that festival gates close for access at 18:30, taps close at 19:00

Saturyay 25 Febrewary

11:30 Let Go

13:00 Black Mamba Man

15:00 Pedro Barbosa

16:30 Wonderboom

*Please note that festival gates close for access at 17:30, taps close at 18:00

A preview of what tunes to expect at the festival from some
incredible local talent featured at the Fest over the years past 12 years...

since 2011

ticket prices

Please note that tickets will be sold in a phased approach. This means that the earlier you book, the cheaper your ticket will be for the show. 2 day tickets are always sold at a discounted rate.

Phase one tickets are now sold out, we are now in phase two.


  • Includes beer glass
  • One day festival pass
  • Access to the square


  • Includes beer glass
  • One day festival pass
  • Access to the square
Weekend Pass


  • Includes beer glass
  • Two day festival pass
  • Access to the square

All access is charged for. Children’s tickets include access and child minding on the festival grounds. You can book for children when following the booking procedure.